PT. Supra Usadhatama is a specialized distribution company under The Tempo Group. PT. Supra Usadhatama has own principal within The Tempo Group that manufacture popular health brands of OTC Pharmaceutical Products such as: bodrex, bodrex flu & batuk, bodrexin, bodrexin Syrup flu & batuk, neo rheumacyl, Oskadon, Oskadon SP, Contrex, Contrexyn, etc.

PT. Supra Usadhatama also distribute Consumer Health Brand (Supplement, Vitamins) such as: hemaviton Stamina Plus, hemaviton Action, hemaviton Energy Drink, hemaviton Jreng, hormoviton, hormoviton Greng, vidoran Plus Syrup, vidoran Smart Plus tab, Vitamin IPI, Viton Active C Isotonik, Superviton, etc.

Our Main Business focused on sales and customer servicing only for traditional market, such as Drug Store, Wholesales & Retailers.
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