Ready for Expansion, Develop our Own Products
28 November 2013
PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk continues to develop its business in pharmaceutical industry with a focus on its own product development , production and brand building. In general , there are four divisions that become the pillars, i.e. divisions for Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Products & Cosmetics, Manufacturing and Distribution that have been claimed by the management for having a positive growth.

President Director of PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk. , Handojo S. Muljadi sees pharmaceutical market is still quite open, especially OTC that become the production focus of Tempo Scan. He also targeting his products to be the top three in each segment that mainly serve middle to low income market.

"Currently, the pharmaceutical industry still has great opportunities , added with government policies related to BPJS (Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial ), " he said . Moreover, he said , in terms of the development of Tempo’s own products that have been dominating the pharmaceutical products , Tempo Scan builds its own trade mark , manufacture and brand building . The next strength is in the personal care and cosmetics division . " In this division , the majority of the products are own products as well . This is a pillar to work on its own brand. On the other hand, distribution busines is more into the third party products because of it’s trading nature and because this is also growing, “said Handojo. Even though Tempo Scan owns growing lines of businesses, Handojo claimed that he is more proud to be able to empower many local human resources. Most of Tempo Scan employees are the sons and daughters of Indonesian . " I do not use too many expatriates , if any, they had been ' red and white ' because they had joined in Indonesia for a long time. " He also explained that company 's capital expenditure increased drastically to finance the expansion and development of the factory . At the moment, Tempo Scan has 53 branches in Indonesia and has around 10,000 employees. In addition Tempo Scan is expanding to several Asian countries, namely Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. With this capital , Tempo Scan continues to grow and ready to expand and innovate in marketing and distribution . As part of 60 year old Tempo Group , Tempo Scan that has become a public company since 17 June 1994, will continue to focus on the core brand equity as a significant company asset . This has been proved with bodrex products that still dominate over the counter products or non prescription medications.

Bodrex brand focuses on taking new market opportunities outside Java . Because the area is still not widely captured by pharmaceutical industry , and this is seen by Handojo as one prospect or opportunity for the business development.

" East Indonesia is gold , we can develop pharmaceutical industry there , " he said . At the moment, Tempo Scan has 11 branches in east Indonesia, i.e. Kalimantan , Sulawesi , Nusa Tenggara Timur and Papua . The branch functions as a place to accommodate and distribute stock of medicines to many areas.


This article was published in Business Indonesia (by Nenden Sekar Arum & Roni Yunianto) on 28 November 2013 in bahasa Indonesia and translated to English.